Musculoskeletal System Case Study


You are the Home Health Care Nurse.   Your patient, Mrs. Annie Mae Woods, 82 year old lives in small home with her husband, age 85.  You have been seeing Mrs.Woods for wound care related to a burn on her arm (stove accident) which has almost healed.

Mr. Woods just called your office reporting that his wife has fallen. You arrive at her home and find her lying on the sofa in no acute distress.

You arrive and take her vital signs.


Chief complaint: "" My left knee hurts!“

Airway and breathing: No respiratory distress noted.
Oxygen saturation: 99%

Mrs. Woods
Temperature 97.2 oral
Pulse 88
Respiration 20 even, unlabored. 
Blood Pressure 165/88
Verbal information from patient:  
Height 5 ft
Weight 95 lbs.
Past history:
Hypertension for 30 years controlled with Zestril ™ 10 mg every A.M.  and a low  salt diet. 
Osteoporosis diagnosed 10 years ago.
No surgeries. Hospitalized for 5 vaginal deliveries, live births.
Allergic to penicillin (has severe rash reaction when took penicillin in 1970) .  No other known allergies