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Patient Safety


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For more information, suggestions and for access to the learning object files, email Clare Billman at cbillman@mcg.edu. You will need the latests Flash player to view this content. If you can not see the content, download flash.



About this content This is not a course... These objects are designed to be incorporated within existing content, and facilitated by professional health care faculty.



Nursing Education Task Force Subcommittee on Curriculum:
Jean Bartels, Chair (Georgia Southern University)
Module Consultants/Content Experts:
June Goyne (Columbus State University)
Jean Humpherys (Memorial Health)
Brenda Rowe (Mercer University)
Jean Bartels (Georgia Southern University)
Instructional Design and Module Development:
Clare Billman (Medical College of Georgia)
Jennifer Rosemond (Medical College of Georgia)
Robert Smith (Medical COllege of Georgia)

University System of Georgia, Advanced Learning Technologies:
Jessica Somers
Liz Johnson
Marie Lasseter